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Wave Chat

March 22, 2013

Dear Green Wave Fans,

Basketball is on everyone's mind as post-season play is underway. For the first time in 13 years, both our men's and women's teams are in tournaments. The men dispatched South Alabama on Wednesday night and are playing Bradley in Peoria, Illinois tomorrow night at 7 p.m. The Green Wave met Bradley in the NIT in 1982 and we owe them a little payback for that loss.

Coach Lisa Stockton's team surged past Sam Houston State last night and is on to Arkansas for a Sunday matchup. Lisa's squad has truly been a road warrior this year, winning 11 games away from the Fieldhouse. Let's make it one more!

This weekend our 24th ranked golf team is competing up the road in Baton Rouge at the LSU Golf Classic. It will be a challenge for the young ladies as the field includes nine teams in the Top 50. You can follow the action at

Our new conference, which I think everyone knows will be renamed and rebranded from its current Big East moniker, signed a comprehensive deal with ESPN this week. It will guarantee our teams excellent national exposure in football, men's and women's basketball and our Olympic sport championships. There will also be opportunities for better, more lucrative sponsorships.

The weather has metamorphosed into one of those perfect New Orleans springs. The campus is dazzling with azaleas in every color imaginable, but when I open my office window I see an even prettier sight - the progress on Yulman Stadium. We currently have 4 pile drivers on site that are driving wood piles and concrete piles. Demolition is complete except for removal of a corner of the Wilson Center. In the next several weeks we will continue to drive piles and will start the concrete pile caps.

Watching this great facility take shape is lifting spirits all across campus. You can watch here.

That's it for now but remember to cheer for Green Wave basketball, baseball, golf and tennis, this weekend and beyond.

Roll Wave,

Rick Dickson
Director of Athletics - Tulane University

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