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November 25, 2003

One of four seniors on the 2003 Tulane volleyball team, libero Karlyn Daly will provide Tulane volleyball fans with an inside look at the team as the native of Aurora, Colo. will keep an internet diary throughout the year. In her final journal entry, Karlyn discusses her four years with the Green Wave and thanks everyone who has been involved during her career.

It's been an emotional weekend to say the least. As I sit here writing this it seems impossible to sum up the last four years in only a few words that cannot do justice to the experience. The friendships I made will last me a lifetime. My teammates have been like my family, supporting me in my weakest moments and always pushing me to be better. We have shared our triumphs and our tears.

My coaches have taught me more than just volleyball skills; they have helped mold me into a better person. From day one, Betsy Becker's vision has transformed this team from a scattered group of student-athletes to a tight-knit unit focused on a common goal. Liz Kritza is the backbone of this team. Her work ethic and knowledge about everything are beneficial on the court, in the classroom, in any crisis situation, and just to keep things light-hearted. Sam Ojie has been a personal inspiration for me everyday. His tirelessness, heart, and love of the game have had deeper impacts than he knows. Sinisa Momic has brought a fresh outlook to this program. His straightforward coaching style and killer arm swing have left an impression on me, and I even have the bruises to prove it.

Even through the pain and suffering we all experienced with Gavin Ozaki, our strength and conditioning coach, we understand that he played a huge role in toughening us both mentally and physically. Without our trainer Wendy Svoboda, I never would have made it through my freshmen-year knee injury, or my sophomore-year one, or any of my years here at Tulane come to think of it. I think it will still be instinct to call Wendy for medical help for years to come. One of the least appreciated people I want to thank is our manager, Russ Giveans, who cares more about our team than his own well-being. Richie Weaver especially deserves some recognition, not only for always patiently putting up with us on the long bus trips, but for leading our team in influential team bonding experiences at his old Boy Scout ropes course.

All of the fans and support from the school made all of our 17 home wins special. The parents of my teammates have always been warm and welcoming, making this team into my family and home-away-from-home. Everyone involved has contributed to turning this team around and building a 25-win season. I will always cherish this experience.

Roll Wave,