Women's Volleyball
Coach Kritza's Comments Following Monday's Practice



Dec. 1, 2008

Overall thoughts on Monday's practice
"We had productive practice today. Usually, Monday is an off day for us but last week's training cycle was a little different and we set things up for this week in anticipation of playing as early as Thursday. With last night's news, everyone is not only very excited but also a little bit more focused because we now have a direction to focus all of our positive energy. The team is ready and willing to do whatever it takes for us to continue on with our successful season. I was pleased with the performance for the majority of practice today, and I think that we will be ready to go come Friday night."

On the team being in high spirits yet seeming focused on the task at hand
"That is something that we tried to instill in them all season - remaining relaxed to fight off any sort of anxiety and nervousness when they have to perform but also remaining extremely focused because it really is the only way that they can play their very best. Striking that balance is a hard thing for athletes to do, but this group is learning to do it exactly at the right time. You need to have that good balance going into postseason play, facing your toughest matches and doing it when it matters the most, and I am pleased to see it happening with this group."

On how the plans for the weekend are coming together
"All of the plans are coming along. Fast and furious is the way I would describe preparing for the NCAA Tournament from the logistical side of things. Our administration is handling all of our traveling details and just over 12 hours after the announcement we are almost set with our travel details. Our scouting has started, and I have no doubt that we will be completely prepared on both fronts. The team will be ready to play. The coaches will be ready with the strategies and ready to make adjustments come match time. It really is an exciting time for us. It is our first trip to `The Big Dance' and we want to make sure we put forth the best showing possible. Everyone is giving a maximum effort to make sure that happens."



On if anyone stood out in Monday's practice
"Players have good and better days in practice. I think this team realizes that regardless of who is playing above average today and who is playing where we expect them to that our strength lies within the team. At this point, we have a very good team dynamic and everyone is staying focused on the common goal, which is really crucial to our success."


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