Quotes Following The 2008 NCAA Volleyball Selection Show



Nov. 30, 2008


On the volleyball team heading to Dayton, Ohio for the 2008 NCAA Tournament
"We are all so elated for the young ladies, Liz and her staff. This is a reward that is well deserved. The overall reaction is that we are pleased with where we are going and who we are matched with, so you can't ask for better than that."

On what the team's NCAA Tournament bid means to Tulane University and the Department of Athletics
"This is another step toward the overall recovery of the University and the athletic department. We were used to this sort of things prior to 2005, so it's nice to be getting back to this sort of scenario. It's exciting to see us moving back to where we were. I'm just tickled to death for Liz and her team."


On if she is excited about the team's draw and receiving the No. 16 national seed
"We are. It is definitely a plus that we are the No. 16 seed. A couple of years ago, Tulane volleyball was not being mentioned in the same breath as some of these teams. For us to be a seeded team in this tournament is a really good sign. I also think this is a really good draw. The travel is not as intensive. We have already been up to Ohio, we are familiar with the travel distance and the teams that are in our first- and second-round bracket are all very competitive teams. We can fare very well against them if we do what we have done all season, prepare for one match at a time and make sure that we continually improve."

On not hosting and having to go on the road for the NCAA Tournament
"Every team would love to host, especially us. It has been such a special season for us, but we are not thinking about that anymore. We are thinking about playing Tennessee Tech and putting forth our best version of the team on the floor so that we can be ready."



On where the team goes from here
"We have been working to balance our recovery from the conference tournament and preparing for what could be our most difficult opponent coming up this week. Now we know who we are playing and where we are going, and we are focusing our preparation on making sure that our postseason run is just starting. These kids are not ready to end their season. These coaches are going to be prepared no matter who we play. All our energies will be focused on Tennessee Tech and then either Western Michigan or Dayton. They are all very good teams and very competitive teams, and we need to be prepared to be playing the best volleyball that we can because now it matters the most."

On having a short time to get ready for NCAA postseason play
"Now is when players do their job of preparing to go on the road and competing, but now is also when you really see how good your coaching staff is. You have to prepare quickly and go out and get a good scouting report. We will rely on Sinisa heavily since he is in charge of the scouting report, and Meg will take care of all of our travel arrangements to make sure we stay in a good routine. All of those things add up and matter big time if you are to have a good postseason."

On the difference watching the Selection Show this year and last year
"I was thinking about the difference between watching the Selection Show this year compared to last year. Knowing that we were in actually allowed us to enjoy watching, breathing a sigh of relief and not just sit on pins and needles hoping to get in. We knew our season was not going to end. We were a little more relaxed and hoping more to be hosting. But now this is almost energizing. All we have to do now is go out and play."

On Conference USA getting three teams in the 2008 NCAA Tournament
"It is good to see Conference USA back to being a multiple-bid league because I really do believe that is where it should be. Depending on what you look at, we are the top five or six conference in the league and we should have three teams in. And the teams that were selected - us, UAB and Rice - are all very deserving. All of the teams are clearly in the Top 64 teams in the country and I think we will go on to represent Conference USA very, very well. I am just pleased to see that the Selection Committee saw things in the same light that everyone else did, and I am glad that none of those teams had to go through what we did last year."


On the team's draw in the 2008 NCAA Tournament
"It would have been better to play at home, so this is going to be a little bit harder. It's always easier to play at home and in front of your own fans. But this is something that we believe we can do. We just talked to Coach Kritza and she said these teams are similar to the top teams in our conference. We just played UAB so I'm sure that we can be successful if we play up to our ability level."

On the team's attitude right now
"It is so exciting right now. I think everyone is just excited and no one is stressing about it. I feel that everyone is loose and has the attitude of `Okay, let's just do this.' I don't think anyone is going to be nervous. Everyone should be loose and relaxed, but focused enough to play our best."