Coach Momic's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Oct. 18, 2012

On the advantage of playing Houston and Rice for a second time this season
"We played both Houston and Rice already. We were kind of inconsistent against Houston and we weren't happy with the way we played at Rice at all. Now, we have to take advantage of playing at home. What I would like to see is for us to play overall better volleyball right now. Hopefully, that can happen this weekend."

On the annual "Dig Pink" contest
"I think it's a great cause. It raises awareness overall and on such a big scale for years now. It's not only volleyball, but in other sports. My family has had to deal with it. My mother in law used to work with a cancer research facility and I think everybody knows somebody that has dealt with cancer. You can't stress enough how important that is."

On the health of the Tulane team
"We don't know about Cori. We'll see today, but it's pretty bad. And Mel hasn't been practicing at all for weeks now, she's just playing. That's two key players, but we'll try and figure out what we can do."

On how the team has handled the adversity throughout the 2012 season
"For the most part, we've been positive through all of this. It would be better if we didn't have to deal with injuries on top of it. It's very similar to what happened to us last year, but what can you do? We'll just stay positive and do our best."

On the advantage of playing at home
"It's good to be home, especially with what we've been struggling with. When we're not feeling stable or think we can't pull through, I think home court can give you that edge. I think it's very important for our team."