Sara's Sideout



Oct. 10, 2006

NEW ORLEANS, La. - It feels incredible when hard work pays off. Winning like we did this weekend was made possible because of the diligent effort the eleven of us have continually put in as a team. Individual talent and luck do not get you ranked number one in any Division I conference. It is a great feeling to be there.

So far in conference this year, Tulsa had known only winning. After consecutive wins, teams are even more difficult to defeat because of the confidence they have gained from their achievements. Even if they are down, they know they are capable of powering through and pulling it out in the end. It is a dangerous thing to contend with, but we did and came out on top. It makes the win that much sweeter.

The game was full of pressure and intensity. It was the first game we have encountered this year that had a yellow and a red card given by the ref. There were questionable calls against both teams and that always puts players and coaches on edge. It is part of the game and all you can do is play on. As much as certain points are more crucial than others, I feel that in the end they do not make much of a difference to the outcome of the match if you are a strong team. On our side of the net, we kept our composure through it all and it paid off in the end.

So our undefeated home record remains untarnished after another weekend and we are now the leader of the conference. Now the pressure is on us to stay there. Staying at the top is always harder than getting there, but we are up to the challenge. Celebrating is over and we are back to more tough practices preparing for our next round of games. It is an exciting time for all of us and the program. We will keep up the hard work and hopefully keep the wins coming!!!

Roll Wave,