Sara's Sideout



Oct. 5, 2006

Rice and Houston made up our first dual road conference matches for the season. It was a quick flight to Houston on Thursday and we would not have to travel on Saturday in between matches because Rice and Houston are so close. It was the fourth weekend in a row we have traveled. Airports and hotels were becoming our home away from home.

We got in a couple of practices in Rice's facilities before the match Friday night and were feeling reasonably well. We did not have our best match as a team that night, but still pulled out a win in four games.

Two days later we played Houston. In our preparation for the match, we knew that they were a more solid and consistent team, and we needed to execute our game plan efficiently in order to be successful. We needed to have intense energy and drive, and although we mustered up some at times, it was not enough. The play on our side did not flow as well as it usually does and it was a disappointing loss. It hurt even more because our winning streak in conference was over.

But it is still early in conference and the season is far from over. Splitting wins over a weekend on the road is not great but it is not terrible either. One loss will not break a season and we have eight conference games this month, six of which are at home which is always an advantage.

In the early weeks of Conference USA's volleyball, there have been many surprising wins and upsets. Everyone is battling hard and few teams are dominating. We are still one of the top teams and gaining more wins in the next few weeks will solidify that position.

Our focus is now on our next home games against SMU and Tulsa, and we are excited to once again be able to play in front of our fans. We love your support and can't wait to see you in Fogelman this weekend as we compete for more great wins!

Roll Wave,