Sara's Sideout



Sept. 11, 2006

NEW ORLEANS, La. - We are now back from Iowa without quite the outcome we had hoped for, but with some invaluable lessons learned. Losing matches is never fun but if we have to do it, it is better to do it now and fix some things before conference starts.

That is the purpose of these pre-conference tournaments. We purposely play challenging, solid teams that will test us in a variety of ways that we may see later in future matches that are more important to our season's overall success. Knowing this, however, does not make the losses feel any better.

This weekend taught us that no team should be taken for granted. Our hard work is not worth anything if we do not perform up to our potential every time we step foot on the court. Skill-wise, I have no doubts about our team. We are a group of highly capable players that just have to learn to focus and execute within the team's system. With new freshmen playing, it does take time to get a feel for the rhythm of a team.

We have to keep in mind we have only been playing together for a month, and every day we are getting more and more accustom to each other. This weekend reminded us of that and just makes of that much more determined for next time.

Our team is young and so we bounce back quickly. We do not have time to dwell in the past, but are looking forward to our tournament this weekend in Minnesota - the last one before we come back home to open the Conference USA portion of our schedule.

There is some great competition for us in Minnesota and we are preparing to face it head on. No athlete likes to lose, and as a group, we are going to do everything in our power to not let it happen again. We have been practicing hard since we first got to campus in early August. This weekend is our last opportunity to work out the little kinks before conference, and we plan to make the most of it!

Roll Wave,