Coach Momic's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Sept. 27, 2012

On what the team has to do this weekend against Memphis and UAB
"Right now, the biggest challenge is not the opponent, it's us. We've shown that we can play well against anybody but then for some reason, most of our matches or sets, we can't close even if we have a big lead. Our unforced errors are killing us. The majority of the teams - other than Tulsa - I don't see a favorite. Anybody can beat anybody. Our focus right now is to fight to close out matches and not lose what we already have in our hands. That's the biggest issue for us as opposed to strategy against Memphis or UAB."

On how the team can improve on closing out sets and matches
"It's two things. It's working on playing well in practice when the score is 20-20 and above. We're doing that a lot. We're doing a lot of ball-control stuff where we're actually limiting our unforced errors. Then it's know when not to miss a serve when you just can't miss a serve at certain points. It's all of that combined but in the end, you either play with heart when it matters or you're afraid to win. That's what it comes down to now."

On the fact that there is a lot of volleyball left to play the rest of the season
"We're keeping things positive. It's like I said after our last match, it's not like we don't have players that are good at every position. The score proves that up to a certain point, and then we mess it up. Every day in practice, we just have to figure out how to win. We're scrimmaging as hard as we can. Whatever drill we do, we just need to find a way to finish. It's not a question of quality to reach a certain point. It's not like we don't have players to get a 22-20 lead. We do. But then the question is what to do after that. It's not like we're averaging 5-10 (in height) and everybody is beating us 25-12. We have the lead. We just can't close. We're making practices as competitive as possible and we are working hard to figure it out."