Coach Momic's Comments Heading Into The Arizona Invitational



Sept. 18, 2009

On Saturday's opponent, the Arizona Wildcats
"They are a big, athletic team that is ranked in the Top 25 right now. They're a very good club offensively and have some good blockers. Overall, they're a very good team. It will take our best efforts to compete against them. We have to be good in all areas, especially in serving a blocking to counter their offensive weapons."

On Sunday's opponent, the New Mexico Lobos
"We're going to scout them more tomorrow, but they're another quality opponent that we will have to take very seriously. We will have to put everything together and it will take everything we have to beat them. This will be back-to-back, two very good, quality opponents."

On the status of the team after its first seven matches
"I think we're about 80 percent of where we need to be right now. We need to try to get everyone playing at an even level. We have some people playing at the same high level and others have been very up and down. We're trying to balance everything out. It's still very early in the season, and after missing that first tournament (at Creighton), we're still waiting for things to fall into place. Evening out and balancing contributions from everyone are the keys to our future. We're not there yet so there is a lot of room for improvement."

On what he hopes to get out of the weekend
"We really want to balance everyone who plays and have everybody contributing equally, not just having two or three people carrying most of the load. We might as well do it now against quality opponents because playing well now will only help us as we get ready for conference play."

On what Tulane needs to improve at this point to enjoy a successful 2009 season
"We need to have a more balanced offense and improve overall in blocking and floor defense. I think those are the main things. Of course, we're still learning how to play together and learning how to play as a team. There is still room for improvement there."