Sara's Sideout



Sept. 5, 2006

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Over the past week, our world has expanded greatly. It now includes school and studies. For most of August, our main purpose in life was getting to, preparing for or being in the middle of our volleyball training. You forget there is anything else but that is the point. You give it everything you have for a set number of days but then you must re-enter the real world and everything it entails; other responsibilities, other worries and other focuses. Balance is now the key to life as a Tulane student-athlete.

What we do now is learn how to separate our worlds and not let them collide. During volleyball practice, nothing outside the gym exists. There are no impending tests, problematic homework problems or pages to read. The same has to be done during class. I can't fix my arm swing, get faster on defense or perfect my serve during biomaterials class. You have to maximize your time at whatever task is in front of you. Some days it is easier than others.

Now we are preparing for our first road tournament of the season in Iowa. Road trips are always fun, but you do have to take care of many things before you leave. On the court, we are still striving for improvement every day, especially with our limited practice time. We are also aware of the tendencies of the teams at this tournament and are modifying practice to maximize skills that will lead to a successful weekend. In the classroom, we are taking care of any coursework we can ahead of time and informing our professors of any class we will miss. It is imperative to do this to make sure we can fully focus on the games when the time comes. Good time-management skills are something that no student-athlete can do without.

Everyone has been so encouraging and excited for us and our upcoming games. They want more wins almost as much as we do. It's a great feeling and we can't wait to go to Iowa, play some great volleyball, and make everyone proud!

Roll Wave,