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Miller's Moments: Two-A-Days and Five Random Thoughts
Inside Tulane Volleyball with Sophomore Libero Jenn Miller
Inside Tulane Volleyball with Sophomore Libero Jenn Miller
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Aug. 21, 2007

The other day, as I was walking across campus, I went through a certain thought process, put here in a numbered form so as to allow me to pretend my thoughts have some sort of organization to them:

1. No matter how hard I wish for it, the weather is not going to change to be more like home (San Pedro, California). Hence, this is why I'm hot: I live in the south.
2. It's almost the end of the week, which means a day off is coming up. Practices have been tough; everyone is sore and struggling to fight the urge to allow themselves to fall into laziness.
3. Although everyone is sore and tired, we are working hard, and this year our practices have been so splendidly sensational and stirring, so far. I can only hope that our fans will leap to the same trend of alliteration when watching our games.
4. Our first game is approaching, which is good because the natives are becoming restless from all the practices. We really are looking forward to playing against another team.
5. If preseason lasted any longer than it does already, I'm pretty sure that everyone would become volleyball playing robots that began to bicker from being around each other too much. We all get along great, but I think we are looking forward to the re-introduction of the rest of the student population.

Well, that was my train of thought. I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to come to our first tournament this upcoming Friday and Saturday!

Roll Wave,
Jenn Miller




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