Sara's Sideout



Aug. 14, 2006

Just over a week until our first match may not seem like much, but the progress our team is making every day makes me very excited to see us perform in our first tournament of the year. Unlike last preseason, our returners outnumber the freshmen and you can definitely tell a difference in the synergy of the team from just the history we have.

But even our freshmen are making tremendous progress as well and are great additions to the team. The time and energy we all have put in during the spring and summer is undeniably paying off on the court right now.

With the many challenges that Hurricane Katrina presented us last season, I feel our team has become a group of very strong, capable young women. You can see that drive and determination in practice of players that have faced adversity, survived and thrived.

Our coaches have worked hard to design well-planned practices to best utilize our time and fine tune our skills. As teammates, we push and challenge each other to bring out our best day in and day out. The two-a-day practice schedule is always a grueling one, but it is important that we are prepared both physically and mentally for the tough competition that lies ahead.

Right now, we are spending most of our practices at the Reily Center as Fogleman Arena is getting some improvements made. By the time renovations on Fogleman are complete, we will be back on our home court and playing excellent volleyball. We look forward to see everyone to come out and support us in our annual Kathy Trosclair Memorial Tournament that we are hosting Aug. 25 and 26. Hope to see you there.

Roll Wave,
Sara Thorson