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    Oct. 27, 2006

    Friday's match challenged our team in more ways than one. During the beginning of the first game, one of my teammates injured her elbow, but since we were currently playing everyone else that could have taken her position, she had to finish out the game.. Her injury was not as noticeable at first, but as the game progressed we could see the increasing difficulty it was giving her. We all rallied the best we could and if she would fight on, so would we. Unfortunately, we dropped the first game by just two points. Even though the line up was only minimally altered for the rest of the games, we had trouble putting forth our best volleyball. And to definitely become number one in the conference, mediocre play does not cut it. Losing that match was hard, but our schedule does not let us dwell on the past. We had to look forward to SMU for Sunday.

    Between matches, we refocused on what we had to do as a team to not lose games like that again. We need to play more efficiently as a team regardless of who is in, who is out, and who is on the other side of the net. You can learn as much, if not more, from losing as you do from winning but it is always a hard lesson to take.

    Sunday came and as a team we wavered a bit between moments of spectacular play and moments we would rather forget. But overall, we fought through and prevailed. Sometimes you have nothing left but inner fight to overpower a team and on Sunday it was enough.

    Now we are excited to have our last double match weekend at home. There are six more games in conference play and then the tournament is right around the corner. Winning more matches in the next few weeks will gain us good positioning going into the tournament, and then it will be an all out battle for the championship. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope people can come out and see us add a couple more wins to our record this weekend!

    Roll Wave,
    Sara Thorson