Coach Momic's Comments Following Thursday's 3-2 Loss To Tulsa



Nov. 1, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the match
"At some moments, we played great and actually had everyone on the court giving full effort. That's been rare this year and when we did that, we were winning. With us winning games one and three and losing game two 25-22 when hitting .000, if we maybe hit .100 we could have beat this team in three. But we didn't. The main reason why they were better than us tonight is they controlled the ball on their side of the net. Whenever it mattered, we had bad touches. We were not controlling the plays - defense, covering our hitters, blocking touches at the end or arm swings. Whatever it was, they were better at it. They have one hitter in Henderson who is probably the best in the conference, and I thought we did a really good job on her. What it came down to at the end was ball control and that's where we lost."

On Tulane's inconsistent play throughout the 2012 season
"At some moments, the effort was there from everybody. When that happens, we can play great. We can shut down the best team in the conference. We just haven't been consistent."

On if Tulsa did anything different in sets four and five
"We just didn't control what we were doing. There were just plays that instead of controlling them and coming up by either scoring the point or stopping them from scoring - you either have to do that or keep the ball in play and not make mistakes - we made mistakes. That's what they didn't do. We have to earn our points against them, but it didn't seem like they always had to earn their points against us because we were giving them points."

On coming close to a break-through win, but ultimately falling short again
"Everybody is frustrated that this has happened throughout the year. We know that we can be good and we've lost so many tight games and matches. Everybody is pretty determined to change that, and we started off well. We had that fire to change it, but what it comes down to is can you control what you're doing."



On what was working for Tulane in the sets the Green Wave won
"At some point, Izzy was hitting well. She got set a lot and got on a roll. Olivia played well. Anna played well offensively. Grace did a good job as the libero and Anna did an amazing job blocking today. In moments, we got our numbers offensively, we got our numbers in blocking in everything else. Again, it's the little ball-control things that instead of giving us advantages it gives us disadvantages the whole time. We've had a hard time learning not to make plays that don't belong at this level of volleyball."

On Sunday's match against SMU being Senior Day and the emotions involved
"It's always very special for the girls that have been here for four years. They want to leave here with a good match and some of them might never play volleyball competitively again. It's very important for them and their families, and we'll definitely try and play well against SMU. I thought we played well against them the first time. We just have to learn from that loss, and for the seniors, we have to understand that if we all show up we can beat this team."

On Senior Day and playing at home being an advantage
"I think this line-up, when everybody plays at a certain level, works for us. Home-court advantage definitely helps. I don't think that SMU is a team that should kill us. We just need to play at a certain level. It's going to be a tough match, but hopefully we can use Senior Day and being at home as an advantage. At moments we've played pretty well. If we can bring that to this match, it's going to be good."