Women's Volleyball
Coach Kritza's Comments Following Volleyball's 3-0 Win At UCF



Oct. 31, 2008

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Overall thoughts on the match
" UCF is the most improved team in Conference USA and they made the biggest jump in the RPI of any team in the country. I expected a quality opponent tonight and that is exactly what we got. I do not necessarily think that we responded as quickly before we realized what level we needed to play at. Because of that, we escaped with a narrow victory in the second set. We were tested at times tonight, more than I think we should have been. But credit the team for keeping it together. Any time we win, especially when we are on the road, we will take the win."

On what the team takes from the victory
"Obviously, I am looking for this team to improve whether we win or whether we lose. Tonight, I do not think we necessarily improved in the areas that I wanted us to, but taking that second set away from them when we had to play hard and come back at the end, that is a sign of an experienced team and a team that knows they can play at a much higher level and can turn it on when they needed to. I will give credit to the older players on the court who finished out that second set. They really came up with some big plays when we needed it and that is a testament to the teams that we played earlier in the season and how tough our season has been. That is a definite positive that we saw tonight."

On being able to play reserves Stephanie Stromath and Amaris Genemaras
"A couple of other people were able to go in and help out, and help change up our lineup a little bit. Bridget Wells hitting .364 is a good sign and getting Stephanie Stromath in there to play in the middle and get a good bit of work there will do nothing but help us the rest of the season."



On walking out of The Venue at UCF with a win
"Obviously, we did not put forth our best performance, but we are not a team that will ever be satisfied with playing just good enough to win. With that being said, being able to come back in the second set and being able to play point for point in the third set and pull it out, that is the sign that you have a team that knows how to play the game properly. They are older and more experienced. That actually carried us to this win tonight."

On what UCF was doing to give Tulane a tough time
"It was not necessarily our best performance. We were out of system quite a bit, and when we are out of system, our offense becomes very, very predictable and we are much easier to play against. If we stay in system and we are balanced, which we were not tonight, then we are a much tougher team to play. Our opponents know it. Our setters know it. I think we will look at this as another opportunity to learn and to improve. We will go back and work even harder to get to the point where we wanted to be at in November. We had a pretty good August, September and October so far this season, but this team knows that the most important time is November. They are going to get a little extra time off here, regroup, come back and go into this last phase of the season with great vigor and energy. We are looking to improve a great deal coming off of this win."

On the quality of opponent the Green Wave faced tonight
"Credit UCF. Todd and his staff are building a very strong program here. For them to make the adjustments like they did is a sign that they are going in the right direction. I have no doubt that they will continue to improve and I am sure that we will see them again. It will be a tough match every time we play. They had good matchups on us. They did a good job of exploiting our weaknesses. When our passing was struggling, they kept picking apart at it. Those are things that we do to our opponents. They have a pretty young team that has not played together a very long time and they are playing the proper way. They are playing a good game of volleyball and the longer they do it, the better they are going to get."

On the team not playing at its best and still finding a way to win in straight sets
"There a degree of comfort there. One that I hope I do not have to see very often, but it is good to know that you have trained your players to a high enough level that when they are not at their best you can still sweep one of the better teams in the conference. Their record is not indicative of their talent and I know they have been in a downward slide. But because they were in that place and not used to winning, that was a big contributing factor to us taking that second set and thus the match from them."


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