Coach Momic's Quotes Following Volleyball's 3-0 Win Over Memphis



Oct. 25, 2009

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On playing so many different players against Memphis
"It was a chance to give everyone a chance to play and see what we could do with a couple of different options. We're trying to get better for the next match that is ahead of us. We tried Stephanie on the right side, which we haven't tried yet and wanted to see how that would go, and we put Amaris in for Visnja. We wanted to try a couple of different offensive options. We were in a position to do that today against Memphis and our goal was to improve on certain things today that we don't normally do."

On the offense hitting .370 for the match
"We stressed that a lot in practice yesterday. Our left sides were not connecting well enough on huts on the left side and in the back row. That worked better today. We also managed to score a lot of points tipping. The offense worked, our passing was decent and our blocking was still on and off, but that got better as the match went along."

On the performance of junior middle blocker Lindsey Shepard
"Lindsey has improved a lot this year. We're playing a different offense this year, and in the 6-2, she wasn't getting set that much. We relied a lot on our outsides and our right-side to score, but if you're running a 5-1, you better have production from both of your middles being productive, as well as your right side. You can't just rely on your outsides to do everything. If Lindsey continues to work hard and improve, I expect a lot from her to not only finish this year strong but play well next year as well."

On Tulane posting 10 service aces on the day
"Most of it was our good serving, but we were singling out some of Memphis' weaker passers. I think overall, our serving improved a lot this weekend. We're working toward getting that 1-to-1 ratio of aces to errors that we've talked about all year."

On Tulane's upcoming matches
"The next two weekends, we play the toughest opponents in the conference. I'm not too sure how good it is to play the bottom half of the conference to go into that, so we're going to have to step it up in practices and our preparation for SMU and Tulsa. They are probably playing the best volleyball of anyone in the conference right now and we'll play them back to back. Then after that we have Houston, who we lost to, and we play Rice, who we beat in three but there were all two-point differences. We've got a tough two weeks ahead of us and we have a lot of work to do."