Coach Momic's Comments Following Sunday's 3-1 C-USA Win Over Houston



Oct. 21, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the match
"We did all the basics right, all the things in defense, blocking and even offense that we've been making mistakes in recently. We controlled those plays and that kept us at a certain level. The offense worked well, the passing was good and the overall effort was there. At certain points when we let them back in, it was again because of our unforced errors, but what this win is about is we beat them because we played well and not that they played bad."

On the offense getting solid efforts from everyone in the win over the Cougars
"That was a big difference. In the past, we've had one person showing up and two having a bad match, and we can't play like that. We have to have contributions from all over the place. That's what we did today and that's why we were able to win."

On how gratifying it is to get today's win despite all the injuries and the recent adversity
"I'm proud of how the team responded to all of that and came up with a great effort. They really played like a team. If this was not the best match we played all year, it's one of the top two."

On if he felt his team was having fun on the court today
"They have to put the effort in, and when you win, that's how you have fun in this game. You don't want to have the wrong kind of fun. Fun is winning."