Coach Momic's Quotes Following Tulane's 3-1 C-USA Loss To Rice



Oct. 19, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the match
"I think we fought hard and showed some heart tonight. When we were able to be on a certain level, we were winning. Our problem again was that we just don't have hitting power on the outside, and on top of that, our setters where not connecting with our middles. We don't have a go-to player that we know can consistently play well, and it's frustrating for everybody. There were good things happening today. But what it comes down to, instead of putting the ball away we're committing hitting errors and Rice uses that. When they are in system, they're running a very quick offense and it's pretty hard to stop because they are creating seams in our block constantly."

On Rice utilizing quick sets to their middle blockers and right-side hitters
"It's all three contacts. They're passing well, they're creating good passes in transition from digs, they put it right on the setter. The setter knows what she's doing and is she's connecting with their middles and their right sides with some very fast sets. They're running their offense consistently and they're connecting. If you don't match that, if you hit the ball into the block or out like we did, it's pretty hard to match up with them."

On having to once again juggle the line-up
"We had to play this line-up with Cori out. I don't think there was a lack of energy or a lack of effort. It comes down to do we have an outside that when it matters they're going to put the ball down? We just had too many errors. They had the same amount errors as we did, but they had 15 more kills. Even with the same number of errors, if we had someone who could put the ball down for us, it would be a different story."

On what positives he takes away from this match
"There were several players who played very well, and we played much better than we did at Rice. Those are positives. We showed some improvement and we were beating them at certain points. For short amounts of time, we looked like we were on top of them and that's a positive. We just need to build on that and keep working."