Coach Momic's Comments Following Friday's 3-2 Loss At SMU



Oct. 12, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the match
"When we were consistent and have all six players on the court doing their job at a high level, we were playing pretty well. It's just a matter of us maintaining that consistency and not falling into the opposite where all the fundamentals become very inconsistent. We're dealing with those two extremes. We're up and down. Unfortunately in game five, when we needed to stay consistent and come up with big plays, we didn't. SMU played really good defense in the fifth set and it's unfortunate that we couldn't win this one."

On if there is a positive the team can take from the loss
"Realistically, we're good enough to beat a lot of the teams that we're dropping tight matches against. But then again, we're hurting ourselves. They know what the problem is. They know that they are good enough to beat these teams. We just don't. The positive is that we have the quality and talent to do it. We also have to be realistic and understand that we can't keep repeating these errors all the time because the outcome is going to be the same."

On Sunday's match at Tulsa
"I think Tulsa is basically the best team in the conference. We're going to have to play very, very well to compete with them. All we can do is prepare the best that we can and go out and play our best. They've played a couple of tight matches with some teams that we have played well against, so we're going to just go out there and go after it."