UAB 3, Tulane 2 (Quotes)



Oct. 5, 2008

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Overall thoughts on the match "I have got to give UAB a lot of credit because they are a good ballclub. We knew coming into their home court today that it was going to be a tough one. Outside of the first two sets, we were trading point for point with this team and we put each other in some tough situations. I am sure it was an exciting match to view, but we would have liked to come away after a fight like this with a big win instead of a tough loss. Whenever you are playing on the road, you have to sharpen up your game and expect to have to come up with a few more points here and there, and unfortunately, we were not able to do that today. UAB tested our limits today and came away with the win. They no doubt will continue on to much success this season."

On the difference between the team's performance in the first two sets and the second two "The first two sets were not our best showing, but we came back out of the break on fire and were able to take care of business in sets three and four. That was a positive today, when we were backed against a wall, we were able to muster up some courage and rely on our strong character and come out fighting. I am proud of them for that response, but in the break I told them that they should not be in this situation in the first place. A strong response was what I was looking for and they answered that challenge and came out and started playing at a higher level."

On what happened in the fifth and deciding set "The fifth set got away from us early with some misfires in our offense and some big kills on their part, and we were never able to close the gap. In a short set to 15 points, that is a dangerous position to be in and it is very hard to fight back from a five point deficit when that is a third of the total points in the set. UAB came out on fire and won the sideout game in the fifth set to get a lead and never looked back."



On the overall performances of Sara Radosevic and Jenn Miller "Sara had her hand full today as it was obvious that their strategy was to make her carry the .load for this team. She passed a good deal of the serves and came away with 23 kills on a 25 point performance, but I know she and I would both trade some of those points in for a team victory today. She will have to handle a heavy load for this a ballclub night and night out and needs to lead this team and come away with big points. She has done it before, and we will look to her to do it again."

"Jenn Miller led all defenders today with 23 digs. Her improved performance in the third and fourth sets contributed greatly to the overall team improvement. Her play is crucial to our success as she is handling so many of the first balls for this team."

On the upperclassman leadership "There is something to be said today about the value of team leadership. There were points tonight when we needed an extra boost on the court and with as many seniors and upperclassmen as we have, I expected some better leadership on the court. Sara, Jenn, Luna, and Linder all take leadership roles for this team and we look to them to learn a great lesson in leadership from this match and use it to lead this team in the right direction as this exciting season continues on. I have complete confidence in their abilities to embrace this opportunity and we will be a better ball club because of it."

On where the team goes from here "This team has one of the toughest conference schedules in terms of road matches vs. home matches and we need to take our lessons from this tough one today and use it to prepare for our next road swing coming up next weekend. There are bumps along the road in every championship season, and I am confident that we will bounce back quickly and effectively. There is great opportunity for real learning after a tough loss like this one, and it has already started. Some of our players need to learn more about managing their individual performance and many need to learn about the nuances of this games and how to more effectively make adjustments to come away with a few extra points every set. We have an understanding in this program that you have the opportunity to get better after each performance, when and win and when you lose. I can guarantee that we will get better because of this loss."