Coach Kritza's Comments Following Volleyball's 3-0 Loss To No. 14 Cal Poly



Sept. 5, 2008

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Overall thoughts on Friday's 3-0 loss to No. 14 Cal Poly
"Obviously, this was not our best performance which is not a good combination when you are playing a Top 10-caliber team. This is a team that has not played against this caliber of volleyball consistently, so it is unfamiliar territory for them. But this is exactly why we came out here. The scores do not show it. No one likes to get beat like that, especially me, but the reason that we came out here was to get better. Unfortunately, it will take getting licked like this for us to get better. We can go out and play at a certain level, but this team needs to be challenged. We have so many players who have played together that things can get complacent and things can get stale. They certainly were not stale today."

On the team's inability to put the ball away against the Mustangs
"We have a few players that when they do not show up, our system does not work. I am getting to the point now where either I have to have an alternate system when they do not show up, or I have to find different players to play."

On how good she feels the Cal Poly team can be
"If we were playing shorter periods against a team like Cal Poly, we could hang with them. But that is why we are here. We cannot play a full game or match at that level. This team is legitimate. Cal Poly is an extremely talented team. They are very athletic, they are very fast, they run their system true to form, and they run a much faster offense than ours. To see that that type of offense - and obviously I would have like for us to have played better - but I can see that there is a value in us playing this type of team."

On how the team responds from the loss
"There is no option but to pick your head up and bounce back. We see no other way. We are here to improve. When you win you get better, and when you lose, you get better. That is what we are here to do. We have to learn from this extremely tough loss, put the pieces together, come back to play a quality opponent tonight and an even tougher opponent tomorrow."