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Spring Ball!
April 11, 2008

Ah, spring is in the air once again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and our off-season tournaments have started. Maybe this means that I should get to that spring cleaning often talked about...

Well, this blog is a bit later than the actual start of spring. We've played two tournaments so far, which I'm sure you already know if you're around to read this. We won the tournament we were a part of at LSU, beating the Tigers on their home court for the second-straight time. And we scrimmaged University of Texas both indoors and on sand courts. Our experiences at both have given us new insights as to what we still need to improve on as well as what we have accomplished so far this spring.

Halfway through our spring schedule, we're not quite where we want to be yet in terms of our level of play, but that always leaves us with more room for improvement. There's definitely an upside to everything in my book.

We're working a lot on our first contact: the serve, the pass, the dig, and the block. Mastery of these skills would ensure that we could compete at any level against any opponent. That's generally a good thing from my point of view.

Before I bid you adieu, I was given the suggestion to give examples of cheers we do to entice fans to come out and strut their stuff as our cheering section, so I'm going to do a Cheer of the Week. This week, our cheer is "OPA" (OH-pah). We yell this whenever one of our teammates kills (spikes for a point) a ball.

Remember: Our home tournament is going to be on April 19. There's going to be a Tulane Tailgate for our tournament. The football team's spring game is a 1 pm, and baseball has a home game at 6 pm. We're going to play one of our matches at 4 pm in the Reilly Center, so you can spend all day watching Tulane's sports teams. It's a big day for TU Athletics, so come out and support us all! And don't forget the cheer you just learned.

Roll Wave,
Jenn Miller