Coach Sisk's Comments Following Wednesday's Practice



Nov. 6, 2008

On the team's progress since the Roberta Alison Fall Classic
"I think we have done a lot of things right since our season opener at Alabama. We have been working quite a bit on transitioning and getting out of our comfort zone, which can be frustrating. But the girls have been as open minded as a true freshmen team can be about it so we are moving in the right direction. The one tough part about progressing is it is tough to do when you aren't playing other opponents from other programs. When the Houston tournament was cancelled due to damage from Hurricane Ike and then the ITA Regionals didn't hold any spots for us, that has the potential to set you back due to inexperience in match play. However, we are getting quite a bit stronger physically and that really was one of my concerns after our opener."

On not playing in the ITA Regional last month
"I believe not playing in the ITA regional only hurt us on the match experience factor. When you have a team of eight true freshmen, the only way to really improve and work out nerves is to play teams other than your own. It can become a little monotonous when you play your own teammates every day, so it will be truly refreshing to see other faces on the other side of the net."

On the other teams participating in the tournament
"I have a lot of respect for the teams in this tournament. They all have established programs and some of them are nationally ranked so I am definitely looking forward to see how we stack up against programs of this stature. I do know that all five teams are coached well so this will be a great learning process for all the girls. We are going to this tournament without three of our key players once again. Some of the girls will be playing up several spots in the lineup, so this should make everyone tougher for the spring."

On if anyone has stood out in practice of late
"The fun part about the last six weeks since we played at Alabama is that everyone on the team is getting better. I honestly can't say that anyone is standing out more than the others because they are all improving in some parts of their game, whether it be from a technical or a tactical standpoint. There are several girls on this team who come out a good bit and work tirelessly to become a better tennis player, for themselves and for Tulane."



On how the fall tournaments help the team prepare for spring competition
"Fall tournaments mean different things to different programs. I use them for many reasons - finding the right doubles teams, match experience, team cohesiveness, and feeling comfortable on the court in front of your peers are just a few of the reasons. However, the No. 1 reason would be mainly for experience and to be able to discuss with the player after the matches about things we need to improve on without in being in the middle of the spring season and wins and losses are on the line. This will be only our second tournament where other teams could be on their fifth or sixth, so we are sort of climbing an uphill battle with that. But we are ready to meet the challenge and we will bring home experience to flow into the spring."