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Coach Sisk's Comments Heading Into The ITA Southern Fall Regional



Oct. 22, 2009

Overall thoughts on the weekend
"Obviously, we're really excited about being a part of the ITA Regional, especially after what happened last year. It was very disappointing last year because we were actually forgotten, but I understand that because it was our first year back. This year, we're very excited about going to Auburn, but we'll have our hands full with the draws. You've got a lot of the SEC programs in it and a lot of nationally-ranked programs. We're just real excited to come and compete and really see how we stack up against some of the elite programs in the country."

On the weeks of practice leading up to the ITA Fall Southern Regional
"We've been playing a lot of singles and doubles matches so far - a lot of tie-breakers - just to prepare ourselves mentally to play this weekend. They've improved so much from the first day of practice until now, especially in the little things. I feel like we constantly talk about little things, but the little things are what pay off. We're hitting bigger balls, we're doing a much better job of a higher first-serve percentage, and we're much more physically fit than we were in early September. It's actually kind of shocking to see some of the times the girls turn in during explosive foot-work drills that we have. Our doubles teams are coming together. We're still learning a little bit of strategy - what kind of balls to hit vs. when you hit them and those type of things - but we're improving daily and that's our goal. We want to have a purpose for every ball we'll hit and we'll let the outcome take care of itself. Right now, we're just worried about our performance goals and we're not worried with outcome."

On this weekend being another step in Tulane's tennis' return to prominence
"Every tournament that we go to and every match that we play is a step in the recovery process. We realize that we'll have our hands full this weekend. We're not worried about making it to the quarters or making it to the semis. We're worried about playing high-level, competitive tennis and leaving our mark here. It's kind of fun for me to go to coaches meetings and everyone be excited that Tulane's back. We're just not going to worry about the outcome. We're just here to do everything that we've talked about from day one until now. We're here to respond positively to whatever happens. These little steps are like climbing a mountain and one day we'll be at the top of the mountain. It's a journey and we're enjoying the journey right now. That's what we're here for. We're here to play tennis, have fun, and see another part of the country that some of the girls have never seen."



On her team's progress throughout the fall season
"We've played a lot of good tennis. Obviously there have been a few disappointing matches. There were some matches where we were leading pretty convincingly and we didn't close them out. That's an issue for us. All of the young girls are still working on getting over that hump, being in control of the match and playing to win instead of playing not to lose. We're going to continue to work on that. This fall season, we have improved so much since last year, it's really shocking. One good thing about this is the girls know they're getting better and that's a dangerous combination. When you are getting better and the girls know they're getting better, then you've got a lot of positive things that are going to happen in the future. Now we're getting into the Regional. We've had a player in the All-American. We're moving. We're going in the right direction. We're not backpedaling. We're actually going forward. We're just really excited about it and I can only imagine what the future is going to hold."


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