Women's Tennis
Coach Sisk's Comments Entering The USTA/ITA Southern Regional



Oct. 21, 2010

Overall thoughts on this weekend's tournament
"We're really excited about this tournament. This is kind of the highlight of the fall. Being able to take two girls to the All-American in the beginning of October is a lot of fun, but being able to take your starting six to the regional championship is something we always talk about. When you talk about peaking inside a year, you want to peak at the regionals in the fall and you want to peak at conference tournament in the spring. We've been anticipating this tournament for a couple of weeks now. The girls are hungry, they're ready, they're in shape and they're ready to go."

On the team's goals for the weekend
"I'm not even so sure that I want to say win the tournament. Obviously it would be great to win the tournament, but I want us to play well. I want us to respond well. I want us to do all the things that we talk about on a daily basis. I want to see that these things are really gelling and that they're really coming together for us. Obviously we want to win matches. Obviously we want to advance to the national indoors. Obviously that is a goal of ours. But more than anything, I just want to play well. I want to represent Tulane well. I'm very confident at this point in our girls with the fall that we've had. We've had an amazing fall. With that being said, I'm confident the girls will do a good job this weekend."

On Tulane having already played so many of the participating teams throughout the fall season
"We know what we're looking at. A lot of these girls are from SEC teams and we've played them all fall. We know it's a true challenge and we've won some of those matches already this fall. The girls that we are going to play are going to be hungry to beat us, so we've got to be ready. We've got to be mentally prepared and I know the girls are. They're looking forward to playing some possible rematches."

On Tulane's overall health at this point of the season
"We're banged up just a little bit, not a lot. Emma Helistén is still unable to make the trip. Her disc is getting better but she's not at 100 percent yet. We're excited to have Katherine Cecil, our freshman from California, in on this tournament. We thought it would be a great experience for her. And we've got all of our other starters. We're healthy for the most part and we're ready to play. We had a great practice this morning. We had a great practice last night when we got here. We're just ready for this to get started."



On what it will take for Tulane to have a solid weekend at the USTA/ITA Southern Regional
"It's not an issue now of talent. It's not an issue of being able to hang with anybody in the country. Sometimes it just comes down to being incredibly smart on the court and making good decisions. The first couple of years, I wouldn't say our decision making was the best. I think the kids have gotten a lot smarter and I think that's shown throughout the fall with the results that we've had. You'd like to think that everything we talk about. They get it now. They understand what we're talking about. It's shown so far and it'll come down to good decision making, how to play the big points and how to respond to something when it doesn't go your way. That would be a big step for us. We've made a huge improvement in doubles and will probably have Emma and Mariam in the Top 50 before the year is out. I think that's what it comes down to because the players we'll be facing aren't any more talented than we are. They won't hit any bigger of a ball than we do. I just think sometimes they've made better choices. That's a key for us for sure."


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