Coach Sisk's Comment's Following Thursday's Practice



Sept. 17, 2009

On opening the fall season at the Memphis Collegiate Invitational
"We're very excited about the year. This is a great tournament for us to open up with. We're going to try and continue where we left off in April, so this is the type of debut we want to make. With a field as strong as we're going to see in Memphis, it's really going to be a push. But it is something we've worked hard for the last three of weeks and we're really excited to see where we stack up."

On the team returning seven letterwinners and adding three talented freshmen
"First, on the court, I have a very young, talented team. I'm very excited about the progress that I've seen since day one. With the three talented freshmen that we've added, that obviously gives us depth. That's something we struggled with a bit last year. Now, we have some twos and threes and fours in there that are legitimate twos and threes and fours. That makes a big difference in the make-up of our team. Off the court, this team is a family. It's been fun for me to watch them. They act like they've been together for 10 years. That is something that we hope turns into positive results on the court. We're looking forward to an exciting season both on and off the court."

On what it would mean to have a successful weekend
"It would be huge. It would be big momentum for us going into the spring, knowing that we can knock off players of that level. Even at this point in the season, we're just doing the little things. We're focusing on our retention. We're focusing on doing all of the little things right. The wins will take care of themselves. It's not something that I'm really worried about right now. I'm worried about making sure that we're doing things correctly. All of this is just a build up for the spring. We're not going out for outcome goals. We want performance goals right now and our performance goals are to make sure we're doing the little things right."

On the team's goals for the fall season
"We just want to get better. We're working on a lot of little things right now, both tactically and technically. We're working on inside and outside balls. What we can do and when. When do we attack? When do we play defense? These things are the basics of tennis. That's sort of what I like to use the fall for. The fall is for basics, so that when we get into the matches in the spring, we know not to over-think things. A lot of people might think we're in a little over our head, but not really. We all have big goals for this year. The girls and I sat down at the beginning of the year. We have our goals in place. Now, we just have to go out and make it happen."