Coach Sisk's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



Jan. 29, 2009

On the weekend matches at Alabama
"Georgia State and Alabama will be the toughest competition we've had so far this year. They've got some ranked singles players and some double players. If those players are freshmen, they've been highly ranked in the world in juniors, so this will be a tough test for a very young team."

On her goals for the weekend
"We're going there to have fun and to see what that next level is like. The only expectations we have on ourselves personally is to continue to get better on the doubles court. That's our main goal for both matches - to feel comfortable in the new positions we worked on this past week and to execute things quickly within the point. If we both of those things well, we'll do well in doubles and that flows over into singles. There have only been a couple of times this year when we've been up 1-0 going into singles. Every other time, we've had to fight from being down, 0-1."

On the overall health of her team at this point
"Marcela obviously has a groin issue. She did a lot of treatment on it this week. It's definitely sore and the pull is there. We're just going to have to take it step-by-step there. It's going to be aggravating. Sharon and Lindsay with S.I. joints, they've been tight, but I think those have gotten better throughout the week. Caroline has patella tendenitis, but this morning it looked fine. She was moving around a little better. A lot of it is just things that flare up from a lot of competition and a lot of weight work concentrated into one week."

On if the weekend trip to Tuscaloosa is just the next step on her young team's journey
"This is the next step. As I've said, this is just to see what that next level is like. We're going for a lot of reasons - No. 1 to play an SEC team, No. 2 to see how they do it in a premier conference, and No. 3 to see how their energy and their intensity level is. That is one of the main reasons that I've decided to play the schedule we are this year; to show the girls that we have a lot to work on and we're going to have to continue to get better. We've got to push ourselves, and more than anything else, we've got to learn to be loud. We have to learn to believe, talk to your teammate and try to make something happen instead of sitting back and waiting for it to happen."