Coach Sisk's Comments Following Saturday's 5-2 Win Over Memphis



April 10, 2010

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Overall thoughts on the match
"We were really excited about today's match. We knew going into this one that Memphis had a great year and they had actually beaten a couple of teams that we lost to. We knew we had our hands full but I told the girls that a lot of these matches - because everyone is so even from 1-6 - it was going to be about fight. The attitude was to just refuse to lose and I thought we did a good job of that. We set the tone quickly with the doubles point and we never let up in singles. That's something exciting to see as a coach. It just comes down to a point where you say you're not going to lose this match. You're going to do what it takes to win. That's exactly what the girls did today."

On the performance of sophomore Mariam Kurdadze at the top of the lineup
"She was actually down 4-1 in the first and was complaining about not being able to feel the ball. She just did a really good job of settling down and started executing a little better inside the point. That actually ended up going her way. She's always a fighter and she never quits. She's a fierce competitor and that's just another reason why she's had such an incredible two years at Tulane. We expect to continue to see great things from her."

On the bottom of the Green Wave lineup really carrying Tulane today
"I think that will continue to happen. You always look for your 4, 5 and 6 to win and all three of them did a great job today. Emma Helistén and Hila Elster both have really turned the corner. They're starting to feel a little more confident on the court. They trust themselves and they trust their shots. I expect to see great things from them as well."

On how much the experiences Elster and Helistén have gained during the spring has contributed to their recent success
"Every time we take the court and every time they play matches, I expect to see greater and greater things from them. Being international student-athletes, coming to something that is very unfamiliar to them, it takes a while for them to settle down. They both had their share of ups and downs. Emma came down with mono and Hila had a high-ankle sprain. They had both of those things working against them, but they've really turned the corner. With their junior success, they should always be winning down at 5 and 6, and I think that will continue to happen."



On Sunday's regular-season finale at Southern Miss
"Southern Miss is a solid team. They actually beat Memphis 5-2 yesterday by the exact same score. We know we've got our hands full tomorrow. We want to finish strong. Tonight, we're just focusing on resting or bodies, hydrating and getting prepared for tomorrow."