Coach Robinson's Comments Heading Into The Hansel Invite



Nov. 20, 2013

Overall thoughts on the meet
"I'm very excited about this invitational and it's basically a rehearsal for our conference meet. The events, as far as what order they are in and what day they are on, is exactly how it's going to be at conference so it allows everyone to prepare and have the dress rehearsal for conference."

On the competition the Green Wave will face over the weekend
"It's going to be good. We've got six full teams there and it's a women's-only meet, so it's kind of exciting to be highlighting some of the female student-athletes there. I'm excited. We have Houston and Rice, which are very good competition. They have good squads and some very good swimmers on those teams. We're also swimming against New Mexico State, Idaho and North Texas, so we've got a good amount of swimmers that will compete on our levels with our girls."

On her team's goals for the meet
"We've prepared in a way that should allow them to swim pretty fast. We've given them a bit of a break, which is funny. For other sports you could think, `Why are you letting up right before a big competition?' but that's how swimming works. We've allowed them a little bit of a rest so they get out of the `valley of fatigue' as I like to call I,t and we've already seen a spunk in their step so to speak so they're getting excited to swim fast. I'm looking forward to seeing them swim fast and I think I want to see some records broken this weekend. I think that would be fun. We had goal meetings with each one of the individual swimmers on our team and the goals that they have are very good. If they reach those goals, we will be setting some records this weekend."

On her team's performance to date
"It's been good. They're doing well and they're performing well when we've basically been kicking their butts in the water. They've been a tough team and they've held together very well. They're an extremely cohesive group of women and they enjoy each other - being around each other and supporting each other. That's really great to see and I'm really looking forward to stepping up the competition this weekend."



On what has been the biggest surprise so far this season
"I think our freshmen have really stepped up into big shoes. We had a large senior class that graduated last year and I think a lot of people weren't expecting a lot from our team this year. But I think our freshmen have stepped up hugely this year and are taking on a lot of fast swimming, basically, so I'm looking forward to seeing them shine as well this weekend."

On what she feels the team needs to improve on most
"This meet will tell us a lot about what we need to work on moving forward. I think it's going to be good to see them race. It's prelims and finals on one day, then prelims and finals the next day, and then prelims and finals on the last day. It's a marathon of an event, with a lot of swimming and lots of fast swimming. And then to get up the next day and on the third day to do it all over again, I'm looking forward to seeing how they prepare and how they manage their swimming every weekend."