Coach Robinson's Comments Heading Into Saturday's Meet Against Vanderbilt



Nov. 1, 2013

Overall thoughts on the matchup
"We've had a pretty long-standing relationship swimming against Vanderbilt and it's always been pretty close from what I've seen in the record book. I'm excited about getting to swim against a team that is a very good matchup for us right now and I think that will bring out a lot of competitive spirit and vibe on our team."

On the rivalry between Tulane and Vanderbilt
"I think we are very comparable with them in a lot of ways. We both have great institutions of higher education and I think it's fun to swim against teams that have priorities in both academics and athletics."

On seniors Cari Caprio and Caitlin Corcoran being honored before the meet
"I'm excited for them. There are just two of them this year and I think they've both been able to bind together and have supported each other throughout the semester so far. It's great to honor them and celebrate their four years at Tulane. We hope to send them out with a bang and this is just one of the stops along the way to honor them and celebrate their time at Tulane."

On the contest being Tulane's Breast Cancer Awareness meet
"Our Breast Cancer Awareness meet is this weekend is this Saturday. We're missing the October month by a couple of days, I know, but we hope that it still brings out a good amount of people. There's going to be a lot of fanfare around that. There will be some t-shirts and other giveaways to some of the students that are going to be there. We're looking forward to it. I'm going to be wearing pink for sure, so we hope fans come out and wear either blue and green or wear pink."

On how the team has looked in practice of late
"Our girls are looking pretty good right now. Throughout the week, they were showing a little more excitement and I think that just comes from the meet coming up on Saturday. That's been good for me to see as a coach. We had a team set last Saturday that everyone was a part of, and it was cool to see a loud pool deck. Everyone was cheering for each other and supporting each other as we went through the set. That's been really great and I'm happy to see that with our team."