Interim Head Coach T.J. Natal's Comments Heading Into The LSU Meet



Oct. 25, 2012

On how Tulane matches up with LSU
"If you look strictly at the numbers, I think you would probably give LSU the advantage coming in based on times. But when you break it down event by event, I think we match up pretty well in certain events and others will be a challenge for us. It will be good for the team to experience a little higher level of competition considering LSU is an SEC team and a highly-ranked program overall. I'd like for us to keep moving forward in our progress that we've made throughout the season and keep getting better at the specific things we've been working on."

On the atmosphere surrounding the meet with it being Senior Night
"It'll definitely be a special meet tomorrow night with it being our last home meet and it being Senior Day, especially since this group of seniors was the first class that really brought our program back. These girls deserve a lot of credit for where we are now as a program and where we will be in the future. If they wouldn't have had the guts, taken a leap of faith and helped Tulane start the program back up, then we wouldn't be where we are now. We also wouldn't be where we hope to be in the future without them as well."

On what the senior class has contributed to the program
"I think it shows that they are adventurous and trusting type of people. When they came on campus, they saw what Tulane had to offer. They saw the great education, the city that surrounds them and they saw an opportunity to be a part of something special and not just be another number in a program that has been around for a number of years. They will always be remember for being the class that brought the program back and they'll be able to look back and see directly what they left behind and how the program has grown."

On what the team learned from last week's narrow loss to North Texas
"I think it reminds us how important the little things are. As long as our season is and as many meets as we have sometimes, when you focus on the big things you can forget the little things which are important at the foundation. We learned a hard lesson last week about paying specific attention to the small things, but in the long run it will benefit us and help us learn."



On what Tulane has to do to perform well against LSU
"I think one thing that makes elite athletes elite is the ability to harness what you call nervous energy or excitement and use that to perform above the level where they're at. That's what makes a top athlete where they're at. They can take that energy and deal with that nervousness, focus it in and centralize it to better perform and be better athletes."

On what a solid performance against LSU would mean to the team
"It would mean a lot. It would mean that we are able to handle competition in a pressure situation and it would show that we learned from our mistakes in the past. We've come a little bit further along as a team just in the week we've had between these two meets."