Coach Robinson's Comments Heading Into The Season-Opening Weekend



Oct. 10, 2013

On the teams Tulane will face this weekend
"We have West Florida, which is in its inaugural season as a swimming and diving program. It's their very first home meet and their very first meet ever, so there's going to be lots of excitement around that and I'm excited to share in that. Florida State is a good, successful program. I'm excited to step up to the challenge of that opponent as well. Then, when we have our home meet against Arkansas-Little Rock, there's a lot of excitement there, too. It's my first home meet as a head coach here at Tulane and I'm excited about that. They bring a lot of good swimming that we're going to have to step up and swim against as well. I'm looking forward to a lot of good swimming and a lot of good feedback on where we are right now. It's a starting point and we'll move on from this with a lot of good information to help us get better for the next meets."

On how the team has progressed throughout the preseason
"We've had about six weeks of training at this point, and it's been good. We started out with some general conditioning and getting the swimmers back in shape. We've split up into groups these last two weeks where we do a lot more specialized work with each of the swimmers based on what individual events they swim in the meets. It's been a lot more individualization, which I think is going to really help boost confidence for the events they're going to swim this weekend."

On what she wants to see from her team in this weekend's meets
"This weekend, I would really like to learn a lot about the team as far as what happens in a pressure-like situation of a meet, who likes to be on the anchor leg of a relay, who excels under pressure, who needs what kind of motivation to be fast and really a lot of feedback in learning a lot about their excitement. I'd also like to see the team interact in a competitive environment. We've done a lot of team-building things that have been really helpful for our training sessions and I see a lot of great support amongst the team, so I'm looking forward to seeing that in a team-competition setting."



On how the team has gelled during preseason drills
"We've done a lot of meetings and had some brief break downs at the end of practice to talk about who helped you get through that practice, why that was important and being able to find success in your teammates' success and feeling good about that. Even if it wasn't you, you helped them get there by pushing each other in practice. There has been a lot of good team-building stuff going on and I feel very blessed to work with this group of young women. They are a great group of girls who are looking forward to this competition as well."