Q&A With Tulane Head Swimming & Diving Coach Katie Robinson



May 2, 2013

On being head coach of the Tulane swimming and diving program
"I am very excited. I feel like this is a great fit for me both from the academic standpoint and from the potential of athletic advancement. Tulane is located in a great fantastic city of New Orleans and I couldn't be happier to find a home here."

On what she is looking for in a recruit
"My ideal recruit is someone who understands and is dedicated to being great in both academics and the pool and has accomplished that thus far in life. For as athletic ability, I'd like them to have a good background and achieve Junior National standards or untapped potential. Developing student-athletes is a great passion of mine, and a challenge I look forward to. As far as academics, they need to have a strong academic background and a lot of ambition in their career and education. I'm also looking for student-athletes that have a strong desire to improve in all areas of their lives and embody leadership qualities."

On how her success in the pool and in the classroom is instrumental when it comes to recruiting
"It's hard for me to ask things of people that I can't ask of myself or I haven't asked of myself. I think that I bring experience in the fact that I worked very hard in the water and I worked very hard in the classroom as well. I know that it's possible to combine both and be successful. It takes a lot of discipline. It takes a lot of time-management skills. It takes a lot of sacrifices. It takes prioritization. These skills are what I look to instill in the student-athletes at Tulane. That's something I am passionate about: developing skills through the sport of swimming that they are going to benefit from and will prepare them for life after college."

On what attracted her to this job in particular
"This job is exciting to me because I love coaching women. I've been blessed to have had fantastic female coaches as role models and they inspired me beyond just swimming fast up and down the pool. I can really relate to being a female student-athlete, also. I value education and was looking for a place where educational integrity is upheld. To recruit well, I have to believe in the quality of education and this is definitely a strong suit for Tulane. I fully believe an education at Tulane will provide the necessary tools to be successful for the rest of their lives."



On what can be done at Tulane to keep program sustainable
"That's huge. I think it begins with building from the foundation of a culture where the student-athletes are really enjoying and engaged in their experience. They learn leadership skills. They take part in the community service; a staple in Tulane athletics and the New Orleans culture. Giving back to the community will continue to be a big part of our program and I think that will help in sustaining the program. Also, to be sustainable, I'm looking forward to helping the team grow, get faster and move back up to the top of the conference. I know we're going to have some changes in the conference in the next year or two but I am excited for that. I think that's going to step up our competition."

On New Orleans being a strong recruiting tool
"That's another thing that attracted me to the program - that it's set in New Orleans; such a fantastic and unique city. I am only a little familiar with the city right now, knowing just the tip of the iceberg. I'm excited to explore and get to know New Orleans. I can't wait to soak myself up in the community of New Orleans and get involved. I want to know the best place to get beignets to take my recruits there for breakfast. I want to know the best place for jambalaya for recruiting dinners and shrimp po-boys for lunch. I await a great adventure in New Orleans and look forward to sharing it with our recruits."