Coaches' Quotes Heading Into The 2014 C-USA Swimming & Diving Championship



Feb. 25, 2014

Head Coach Katie Robinson

On the progress the team has made since the start of the 2013-14 season
"Our progress as a team has come a long way since August and it's been a wonderful journey. They have grown tremendously and in different parts of the season they have grown in different ways. In the fall season, they grew physically. When we took our training trip to California, they grew as a more cohesive unit and really bonded well together. Now, with the taper season and the conference meet coming up, we've been experiencing an emotional growth where they're getting excited and having a good time with each other."

On the atmosphere around the team heading into the C-USA Championship
"The atmosphere is one of excitement. We have a little bit of nerves walking around on the team, but it's good. I think a little bit of nervous energy is a good thing when you use it right. We do a lot of team meetings where we talk about how we're preparing and how each person is motivated a little bit differently so we make sure that each one is motivated the right way. I think they're excited to do well. Our mid-season meet was just a small preview of what great swims we have ahead of us."

On how things have been for her being a first-time head coach
"It's been a really neat transition to be a head coach. It's hard to explain it in just a few words. It's been exciting. It's been stressful, but I think I add a lot of stress on myself personally. It's been incredibly rewarding and it's been a learning experience. The journey has been really fun. In swimming, you have to fall in love with the journey and I have definitely fallen in love with the journey here that I've had so far."

On the goals the team has for the upcoming meet
"It's my first Conference USA meet and the last one for the team. We have a great shot at doing lots of really good swims. Some of the goals that we have are our placements in the relays and placing them as high up in the finals heat as we can. Individually, they have some great goals for on the team. We are looking to score in most every event, and if not score hopefully set some team records in a lot of events as well. We have a shot at qualifying for NCAAs, and that would be an excellent step for our program."



On how the team has trained recently
"Throughout the season, they've come a long way in the training pool. A lot of that is my attention to detail and making sure that no one slides by without doing what they need to do. In that sense I'm a very tough coach, but the way they've seen themselves rewarded with some really fast swimming in our mid-season meet and hopefully this week as well, they're going to really enjoy it and look back with some good memories on the year. Even though it's been a challenging and tough year, it's going to be a rewarding one."

On what the team has to do in order to achieve its goals at the C-USA Championship
"We need to have every one of our team members do the absolute best that they can. I have preached this from day one, that everyone on this team matters and everyone has a role to play. We just need to have everyone focused, everyone enjoying the process and everyone supporting each other, and I have 100 percent belief that that's what's going to happen."

Diving Coach Chris Devine

On how his divers are preparing for the C-USA Championship
"The preparation has been pretty good lately. I can see both of them getting into meet mode. They're getting a little bit more focused. Things are getting a little bit crisper, the dives are a little bit higher and that's a nice thing to see. It means they actually care and they're trying to prepare as best as they can to do as well as possible."

On the progress his divers have made since the start of the 2013-14 season
"It's been an interesting progression. When I first got here, I could see that they were unsure of exactly how I was going to coach and what kind of motivator I would be. It took a little bit of time to build the trust in both of them, but I noticed after the training trip that I finally got through to them. They were starting to trust what I was teaching them, how I was teaching them and I saw some tremendous progress since that time."

On the goals for the divers at the C-USA meet
"I want them to do their personal best score wise. It's kind of hard in diving because you never know the way the judging is going to sit. It could be a really tight panel or they could be giving scores away. That's something you don't know from meet to meet. I can tell by the quality of each individual dive when they have a good, solid score and a good, solid list. I think that they're both ready for it. I haven't seen them in that many competitions, so that's another part of the learning factor. I've only seen them in eight meets this year and it takes a while for me to figure out exactly what I need to do for them to help them either settle down or to pick them up a little bit and get them psyched for the meet."

On how his team stacks up against the rest of the conference
"Except for North Texas, I haven't seen anyone else dive. One of the differences between swimming and diving is swimming's got a clock. You can't lie to the clock. In being a judged sport, diving can go all over the place in a dual-meet scoring situation. They have us seeded and I've seen the seedings, but that doesn't really tell me a whole lot about the strength of the rest of the conference. You can tell if you've got someone going into the 300s consistently that they're pretty good, but then there is a big bunch right in the middle. I'll have to get there and sort of scope out the warm-ups to see what our realistic goals are if we dive the way that we can."