Coach Robinson's Comments Entering Friday's Quad-Meet At San Diego State



Jan. 9, 2014

On the nature of her team's annual training trip
"Training trips are used as a change of environment during a time when training can become monotonous and yet when we need the training to be top notch. We haven't had a meet since Nov. 23. Week after week of training without a meet to break up the monotony can be challenging, especially in a sport like swimming and diving. This time of year we need to be even more focused as we approach the final leg of the season, so we've used our training trip to bump up the intensity and frequency in training. Also, there are what I can the `side effects' of a training trip such as team bonding and having our athletes generally more happy due to outside training in the warm sun."

On what the team accomplished while on the West Coast
"We've been a close team all year long, and I feel that we've grown even closer during our time here. Additionally, we have been able to incorporate our diving team in workouts and team activities much better than we're able to at Tulane when classes are in session. With this added team cohesiveness, I feel we reap the benefit at the C-USA Championship by being able to gain momentum from our divers' performances to heighten our swimming and vice versa."

On the team's community service while in San Diego
"During our time here, we're also participating in a community service event. It has been a tradition of our Tulane family to stuff `Joy Jars' for children fighting life alternating medical illnesses. Giving up a beach day in the sun to serve is just one way our team illustrates a selfless generosity that is hard to find in college-aged women. It's quite inspiring to be around this team."

On the field of Friday's quad-meet and how the Green Wave match up with each opponent
"It's a quad meet so it's us, San Diego State, North Texas and Colorado State. It's hard to tell how good we'll be against any given team since it's after an extremely hard week of training where we haven't backed off once. If there's one thing I've learned about our team this past week, it's that they are tough, willing and able to fight to the end. I'm excited for our team to compete again having had such good training under their belt."



On how hard the team trained during the trip
"This past week has been our hardest week by a long shot. We've had more practices, longer practices and have demanded higher speeds of training. After each practice, I've heard various team members say `That was the hardest practice we've done so far,' which tells me we're doing exactly what we need to be doing right now at this point in the season."

On how she feels her team will do when the season concludes at the C-USA Championship
"Conference USA has a total of nine swimming and diving programs this year which is significantly more compared to the six teams that made up the conference last year, not to mention the fact that only a handful are the same. Yes, we are young and fresh and eager to show what we've worked so hard for. I believe we'll turn some heads at conference."