Interim Head Coach T.J. Natal's Comments After The LSU Meet



Oct. 26, 2012


Overall thoughts on the meet against LSU
"It's hard to be happy with the end result, but I was very pleased with the way our team stuck together, with the way our team competed and the way our team had each other's backs. They were always supporting each other and they were doing all the little things that we could in every race."

On what he takes from tonight's meet against the Lady Tigers
"I think the biggest thing we take from it is that when we come to compete it's not about who we're completing. First and foremost, it's about us. We need to make sure that we're focused and that we're mentally prepared. It's not that we're prepared to swim any particular team or person. It's making sure that we're prepared as a team and as individuals to just get up and race. Who we race against is secondary. Making sure we're prepared is our primary concern."

On his team continuing to compete even as LSU began to pull away
"I was happy with the way the girls stuck with it and did let the score beat them or get to them. A lot of our top finishers were underclassmen, more specifically they were freshmen. When we were leading in the 200 medley relay, that was back-to-back freshmen leading over LSU upperclassmen. I think that gives us a lot of hope moving forward and shows that our freshmen are rising to the occasion right now."

On the emotions involved with celebrating Senior Day
"I think there were a lot of emotions out there today, especially as the girls were being announced. The tears began to come and you could see them all reflect on their time here so far. Learning to compete with those emotions can be a little bit of a roller coaster, but I think they did a good job of bringing it back in and performing."