Interim Head Coach T.J. Natal's Comments After The North Texas Meet



Oct. 20, 2012

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Overall thoughts on the meet
"I pulled the team aside and I told them that regardless of what the final score was and with us being on the losing end of things, I'm very proud of the girls. We've come a long way since we've been together this year. We're a different team even than the one we were two weeks ago. We showed a lot of leadership, a lot of fortitude and kind of came together really nicely today."

On the difference between this year's team and the previous three
"I give a lot of credit to the upperclassmen really giving wisdom to the underclassmen, especially the freshmen. They've showed them how to prepare, even as far as the mistakes they've made and ways to avoid those mistakes again, and also the general attitude of the team. The girls are such a tight-knit group this year and they've really supported and got behind each other. Each of them really motivates the other to go out there and give their best performance."

On if he is concerned that the close loss will negatively affect the team's composure as they prepare for LSU
"I don't think so. We really haven't started talking about LSU, which will be our next opponent, but I'm so excited to swim them because in everybody's mind we're supposed to lose. I fully expect us to go out there and shock them. I hope they don't take us seriously and I think we're really going to make a statement with how close we're going to keep that meet. I don't think it's going to be a `here we go again' (mentality). I think that even the girls know that we're just so different than we ever were in the past. We're going nowhere but forward."

On what the difference was in today's meet
"It really came down to the really close, touch-touch races. We're talking about tenths of seconds, and in the really close races, they were the ones that came out on top. The ball seemed to bounce their way in a couple of key moments in some of the races, and that's kind of how it always goes. You've got to take advantage of the opportunities that are given, and they took a little bit more of advantage of those opportunities than we did today."



On the positives he takes from the North Texas meet
"The big positive is that I think the girls know that all the hard work and what we've been doing is pushing us in the right direction. They can see the progress we're getting out of it and I think they're excited to keep moving forward."