Coach Robinson's Quotes Following Tulane's Split In Pensacola



Oct. 11, 2013

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Overall thoughts on her team's performance
"I was definitely pleased with the way we performed today. We came together as a team and were really, really supportive of each other. I saw some great races where they were in some close situations and picked it up in the last 50 to out-touch some of other swimmers. A lot of people were telling me that this was faster than they were at this time last year, so I think we're moving in the right direction."

On if she worked the team hard or rested the squad heading into the meet
"Yesterday, when I gave them their sets, some of them looked at me like, `Why are you doing this to me?' But they bounced back today after a hard day of work and I think that's all part of toughening them up. At this point in a season, we'll never be resting for a meet."

On the way the freshmen performed
"I was really pleased with our freshmen today. They really stepped it up and showed some times today that will put them very good position to drop significant amounts of time by the end of the year."

On the performance of the Green Wave's divers
"Maren and Lauren showed a lot of character behind their dives. I think they both did a very good job. They stepped up and were very responsible in the way they held themselves up today against some quality competition."

On the quick turnaround for tomorrow's meet against UALR
"This is all part of preparing us for conference - racing hard on one day and turning around and doing it again the next day. It's all part of toughening up the team a little bit. They're going to have some hard races tomorrow that they're need to prepare themselves for. It's all part of managing yourself from one day to the next and that will be big when we get to the Conference USA Championship."