Coach Robinson's Quotes Following The 2014 Conference Championship



March 1, 2014


On the final day of the 2014 C-USA Championship and Ellie Sills' record-setting performance in the 200 fly
"We finished out the meet tonight in great fashion and spirit. We set another school record tonight in the 200 fly by Ellie Sills. She had set it earlier this year and despite it being the last individual event of the night, she finished with heart winning the consolation final and lowering her record by over 1.5 seconds. She trained so tough for that race all year long and it is well deserved."

On the overall performance of her team during the week
"On the whole, we had a very good performance at this year's C-USA Championship. Having so many new teams and more programs competing this year than previous seasons made for an exciting and challenging meet. It was nowhere near a perfect meet, which I don't believe really exists, but we came out and fought for every point day in and day out. Sometimes we won, sometimes we didn't. It was a roller coaster most days, with many wonderful ups and also moments where we learned how to be better. Our women fought until the end tonight. They were resilient and showed signs of championship character throughout the meet."

On the team reaching the goals it established for itself
"We had a goal of placing fifth on average for all our relays which we were successful in doing. As coaches, we put them to the test time and time again this year to prepare them for this four-day long championship and it paid off well. Mia's win and both our relays that placed in the top three turned some heads at this championship."

On what this performance means for the future of Tulane swimming and diving
"I am very proud of these women and the heart that they showed in the pool and on the boards. We came away with 11 swimmers and two divers scoring individually and even more as members of our relays. Of those 13, all are returning next year. Next season will be a new challenge within the American Athletic Conference, and if there's one thing I learned this year it's that our team is up for the test with a hungry-for-success attitude."