Coach Natal's Quotes Following Day 1 Of The C-USA Championship



Feb. 20, 2013

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Overall thoughts on the day
"This was a great start for us, not only in the swims and the team's overall mentality, but also letting the rest of the conference know that we're here. We talked about it with the relay girls before that the rest of the team will be looking at them to see how they swim and relay it back to themselves. Setting a record in not just one relay but both of them, and having them that far underneath the school record, that definitely gives us a morale boost and it can help carry us through the next couple of days."

On Tulane setting records in both relay events on Wednesday
"It wasn't just one individual swimming that much faster. The great thing was it was really a combined effort of all four girls in the relays. Something that made it a little more special in the medley relay was Mia having the fastest breaststroke split in the entire meet. All the other coaches were talking about it as well as parents from the other teams. Everybody was really taking notice of it. It really was a combined effort. All of the girls went best times in both of the relays and that shows you how far underneath the school records we were."

On if today's performance can be a springboard for the rest of the week
"I think today was just the start for us. We sort of opened up all the other teams' eyes as to what we were here to do, and it also kind of reassured us. It showed us what a great meet this is going to be. We talked as a team about really wanting to rewrite the record book in individuals and relays across the board. I think this really set us up for a dynamite meet."

On if good swims can be a contagious thing for his team
"I think 100 percent that this is a contagious thing. Watching the girls who weren't on a relay team, they were so excited just to get in the water to be a part of it tomorrow and the next couple of days. I think everybody is chomping at the bit just to get in and be a part of what's happening with the team right now."



On if he is surprised at all to have his team in third place through day one
"It's something that we talked about. No matter what sport you're in, including ours, that other teams will give you opportunities by making mistakes. It's just being aware and taking advantage of those mistakes when they happen. In football, you have fumbles and interceptions. In our sport, we have bad races, bad starts and DQs. We just have to be aware and when the opportunity presents itself, we have to take advantage of those other teams' mistakes."