Coach Holly's Comments Heading Into The Tulane Pelican Classic



April 3, 2014

Overall thoughts on the weekend
"We're hoping to come out and compete. The weather is going to be a bit of a challenge for us. We had another great week of practice. What I really want to look for is to come out, have a presence out there team wide, and compete hard. We're looking to get two wins on Friday. That would give us a nice boost and a nice record."

On the pairs tournament scheduled for Saturday
"The pairs tournament is a great event because it gets us more action. A dual can be over in an hour or 40 minutes. It's just three games. In the pairs tournament, what we'll have is we'll have two brackets. We'll bracket up our 1s and 2s from each of the four schools. Then we'll have a separate bracket for the 3s, 4s and 5s. They'll play in a double- or single-elimination format all the way down to a [bracket] win. Our No. 1 team already picked up a pairs victory in DeLand [Fla.] and we're hoping to do it again. It's great experience for our 3s, 4s and 5s, and hopefully we can get into the finals of that bracket, too."

On how Tulane matches up with UAB and Webber International in match play
"These are two good opponents, frankly. Webber International is coming in, and while I haven't seem much of them, they're coming in with a nice record. I expect them to be a challenge. They're a good sized team. They've been playing a lot. I know they play on a beach and they play in a lot of events that some college teams don't. They're an experienced team and expect them to be a nice challenge. UAB has historically played us tough. I know they have a lot of players we've played against on the indoor side. They're good players. They're well coached. I expect this to be a real battle for us. If we can get two wins, this would be two wins that we could be proud of."

On adding ULM to the mix during pairs play
"ULM has a really good program over there. They're well-coached and experience athletes. They played us tough last season and they have a really unique style of play that we're trying to practice around to make sure we can defend that well. Saturday, weather permitting - I hope we can get that thing off the ground - because with those three teams and us in there, there should be some good battles and a long day of good competition."



On what he is looking to see from his team this weekend
"We talk a lot about the process. At this point in the season, though, we're trying to transition a little bit away from the process and emphasize results at this point. It's always a process to do that and convince the student-athletes that on match day it's all about results. We want to come out there and try and get wins. That's what matters most the next two days. We want wins, we want to establish a presence, play tough and have a great offense."