Coach Segal's Comments Heading Into The Surf & Turf Tournament



March 28, 2013

Overall thoughts on this weekend's Doctors Hospital FIU Surf & Turf Tournament
"I think it's good to play better competition. FIU and Pepperdine are both ranked in the Top 10 in the poll. It will be good for the girls to see that kind of competition. I don't know a lot about FAU and Georgia State, but I think we should be competitive with those teams. I think this is a good tournament for us to see how good we can play and how much talent we have."

On the team not playing sand volleyball since March 17
"I think we've trained hard enough to be good. We didn't really have the week off. We practiced and played in an indoor tournament last weekend. They played volleyball until Saturday, so they've only had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. They deserve the time off. It's Spring Break. We had a great practice today and we'll play this weekend. I think the girls are excited to play. It's fun to play against good competition and see how much better you can play and how much more you can push yourself to be competitive against the better teams. I think this will be a good weekend for us."

On the pairs tournament scheduled for Sunday
"They'll draw them into a bracket and it becomes a single-elimination tournament. You might end up playing against someone on your own team, you never know. It's just really good competition. You have to keep winning and play as many matches as you can. Everyone gets to play at least one match, hopefully two. If you keep winning, you get to keep playing."

On the way his team is playing of late
"We haven't played in the sand much the last couple of weeks, but I think the girls are excited. They're excited to play sand volleyball and they're having fun doing it. They're competitive and they want to win, so they'll work hard at it. I've said it from the beginning, we want to have fun, we want to enjoy our training, we want to be competitive and play the best we can play. We have a goal that every time we step on the court to play better than we did the last time. That's all we can do, hope to play better every single time we play. Obviously, the competition is going to be a little stronger this weekend so we're going to have to step up and play. If we can go out, play competitive and be good, you never know what's going to happen."