Coach Holly's Comments Heading Into Wednesday Match Against LSU



March 25, 2014

Overall thoughts on the match
"The girls are really happy that we're going to be home, and I think the fans are going to come out as well. It's a single match - just one dual - which is great, so we'll have a lot of energy. This is a fantastic opportunity to start a new rivalry against our in-state friends LSU."

On if playing a first-year sand program is a challenge with nothing to base preparation on
"From a coaching perspective, it's a little bit of an unknown and that can make you a bit uneasy. At the end of the day, it comes down to skill. If we pass the ball well, if we set well, if we see the court. It probably doesn't matter who we play or what we know about them. We're not focusing on any history or success against them. We're just going to try and play well, take care of our side of the court and see what happens."

On playing at home after opening the year with two straight road trips
"It's such a relief. We'll have more people screaming, yelling and cheering for us. Not having to travel and maybe eating something that we're used to and all those little things will hopefully add up to a victory for us."

On how the team is playing to date
"We've gotten better every single time we've taken the court. We got a lot better from week one to week two, and we competed very well against top teams last week in Arizona. Our goal was get a little bit better last week, and I think we did. If we can improve our game by two percent each week, we're going to be fine. I'm really looking forward to getting a good win this week."

On what he wants to see his team improve on against LSU
"We want to improve our offense. We made a big point of that in training this week. We need to be staying aggressive. We need to approach the ball hard and we need to make sure we come in with a mindset to be aggressive and if we need to change in the middle of a play we can change to something soft. That's fine. But making sure we go in with an aggressive mindset is our No. 1 priority."



On the importance of having a good crowd on hand for the Tulane/LSU match
"We'd love it. There's nothing better than being out there trying to play and competing, and having a lot of support. We've been on the road and haven't had a lot [of support] since we've been so far away. We're hoping everyone comes out, cheers us on and helps get us the win."