Loyd's Comments Entering Monday's Program Opener vs Florida State



March 4, 2012

On the start of the Tulane sand volleyball program
"Monday is going to be a significant day for Tulane University and the sport of sand volleyball. All of these girls will be a part of history as they compete in the first-ever sand volleyball season and first-ever Tulane sand volleyball match. In doing this, Tulane will also be back up to full capacity at 16 sports. It has been a long time coming and the University has a lot to be proud of."

On her team's status heading into Monday's match
"Ever since we returned from winter break in January, the girls have been asking, `When are we going to play in the sand...when is our first game?' As the girls made the transition from indoor to sand, they have been constantly learning the differences in skill sets needed and differing strategies used in the sand vs. on the court. Playing outside is an excellent change of pace for the girls and they really seem to enjoy the challenges of playing in the sand. We have been extremely fortunate with great weather these last few weeks and sand practices have been lively."

On Monday's opponent, Florida State
"Florida State will be great competition for us. I have never seen their sand team play, but I know they are well coached and always produce great athletic teams."

On the 2012 Tulane sand volleyball schedule
"The 2012 schedule gives us an opportunity to play quite a few different schools at multiple venues throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We are playing with a highly-competitive group of girls with a desire to win matches. We hope to have all or some of our teams qualify for the championships in Gulf Shores come the end of April. This first season is huge for the sport of sand volleyball and I hope to catch the attention and gain the support of spectators in the New Orleans area."

On the support the team has received from its home venue, The Dock Of Slidell
"The outside support our sand program is already received is amazing - especially from the staff at Coconut Beach and The Dock. We are fortunate to be able to play at such a nice facility. The staff at The Dock has been more than accommodating and encouraging. We cannot thank them enough."