Coach Holly's Quotes Following Day 1 Of The AVCA Championship



May 2, 2014


On the pairs win over Grand Canyon
"We're playing our best volleyball of the season right now, which is exactly what we wanted. In the match against Grand Canyon, we served effectively in the wind and sided out well enough to win. Our sideout game has steadily improved for weeks and the work is paying off. Tea is blocking very well right now as well and Jackie has been working hard at her defense. That allowed us to generate some points defensively as well, which was critical in the third set when we fell behind early."

On the pairs loss to Long Beach State
"We played very well against Long Beach State as well. Actually, we did not see a drop off in our performance. If anything, we served even tougher in terms of executing our strategy. The difference really is that Long Beach passed the ball at a superior level and we just couldn't get them out of system. As a result, we couldn't quite match their sideout game and fell short in each set by three or four plays. We played good volleyball. Long Beach just played a little bit better."

Overall thoughts on the day with a look ahead to Saturday's action
"I liked our consistency today. We need to keep it up tomorrow and work hard to get two more wins. If we do, we should advance."