Coach Holly's Quotes Following Sunday's Wins Over ULM And UAB



April 27, 2014


Overall thoughts on the day
"We were disappointed in our performance on Saturday and met this morning to remind ourselves of how we want to conduct ourselves as a team. Today saw a return to one of our guiding principles. We demonstrated a workman-like attitude in competing today and grinding out some tough wins in some wet and challenging weather. Two wins in one day will make the long ride home feel a little shorter."

On closing out the season with a pair of wins
"Anna Wruck and Amber Bennett finished their college sand volleyball careers today and I am very happy for them that their team won twice on their final day on the court. It is a nice way to finish the regular season. I am grateful for how hard Anna and Amber worked and for all the sacrifices they made to be on this team. They helped build this program as founding players three years ago and will always be a part of our history."

On the team's balance throughout today's matches
"We showed good balance again in our lineups with wins at four of the five flights and were able to pick up our teammates well when one or another pair didn't win. Our No. 1 pair of Tea and Jackie were able to get a great win against UAB with the dual on the line when we stumbled on the No. 3 court, and our No. 3 pair of Hannah and Anna were able to win for our team when our No. 1 faltered against ULM. That's the essence of a team sport. You compete for your teammates and to make a contribution to the whole knowing that everyone else is doing the same."

On winning at No. 4 and No. 5 in both contests
"The consistency we received from Courtney and Olivia on the No. 4 court and from Miah and Sarah on the No. 5 court was critical to our team's success. In each match, they got us out to 2-0 leads and allowed us some flexibility in our later matches knowing we needed to earn just one more point. By winning consistently, the No. 4 and No. 4 allow us to play a different style of volleyball for the rest of the dual - one where we can force the action without being so risk-averse."



On the 2014 season
"This season was a great experiment in learning and foundation building, and even still we were able to accomplish many of our goals, including having a winning season and getting Tulane University sand volleyball represented at the national championship. As students, we have excelled in the classroom. As athletes, we are tactically smarter than ever before. And as people, we have grown together in all of the ways that truly matter when the ball is not flying on the court. I am proud of that and proud of the players for accomplishing so much in so little time."