Coach Holly's Quotes Following The Battle On The Bayou



April 19, 2014


Overall thoughts on the day
"It was a good weekend. We seem to be splitting a lot of weekends and hope to improve on that in the future. To more from good to great, we will continue to work on developing consistency in our execution. We have one more week of practice and three duals next weekend to further refine our performance."

On the 3-2 loss to UAB
"The dual against UAB was tough competition and a tough loss. We struggled a bit in the heat and I think that got the best of us on a couple of the courts. I credit UAB for playing in the same conditions and getting the better of us today. In a 3-2 dual with some flights going into a third set, it just goes to show that after months of training, results can still come down to execution on a very small number of plays. Consistent execution of fundamentals will nearly always win."

On the 3-2 win over LSU
"Winning the season series against such a great in-state rival as LSU was both motivating and rewarding. Even though they are a young program, they are very athletic, well coached and building an excellent foundation. We respect them and will enjoy the win."

On the difference between the two matches
"I thought our volleyball was much cleaner than we played earlier in the day against UAB. The match was later in the day and it wasn't as hot. I don't know if that mattered to the players but it definitely looked like we were a little bit better executing our fundamentals and game plans."

On the performance of No. 1 pairs team Tea Juric and Jackie Wegner
"Tea and Jackie have improved their tactical game quite a bit in the last three weeks. They played some really good volleyball in a very close match at the No. 1 flight that featured numerous ties. I am happy with the performance under pressure."