Coach Holly's Quotes Following The Fiesta At Siesta Key



April 13, 2014

Recap |  Final Stats

Thoughts on the weekend as a whole
"Overall, this was the most productive weekend of the season for us - not just because we accomplished so many of our goals but because of the leaning and growth this tournament allows. Collectively, our pairs played in nearly 30 games or matches over the last two days and we played a dual on Friday before the event started. I thought we did a real good job of handling all of the competition, both mentally and physically. I'm looking forward to seeing how well we play down the stretch run of the regular season."

On Tea Juric and Jackie Wegner's performance in Sunday's Paris Tournament
"Jackie and Tea drew a real tough team in the Gold Bracket in FSU. Both Aurora Davis and Jace Pardon are All-Americans and play the game at an elite collegiate level. It was good for us to play them twice in two days because to become the best in the game it is important to compete against top competition. We competed well at least in the second set and put ourselves in a position to go to a third set in that match. We will get there...soon."

On Hannah Holmes and Anna Wruck advancing to the second round of the 3s Tournament
"Anna and Hannah played some really smart volleyball in the wind to advance out of the first round. They executed well late in the game and scored the first two points to get a nice win to the quarterfinals."

Overall thoughts on how the team performed on Saturday
"Saturday was a terrific day full of accomplishments for us. Two of our pairs earned their way into the Gold Brackets based on their pool play records and another pair narrowly missed winning the Silver Bracket, making it all the way to the finals as a No. 17 seed. Collectively, we are playing the best volleyball we have played all season long."



On Tea Juric and Jackie Wegner playing well in Saturday's pool action
"At No. 1, Tea and Jackie played very good volleyball after a little lull last week in Monroe. Maybe they were rejuvenated by the sun and warm weather, but they have definitely raised their level of play and are only getting better. I am particularly pleased with their tactical execution late in the third set over LSU - a team that has improved substantially since we last saw them. Jackie and Tea's 2-1 pool play record got them into the Gold Bracket and that's where we wanted to be - playing among the best teams out there."

On Courtney Liddle and Olivia Utt advancing to Saturday's Silver Finals
"I am enormously proud of how Courtney and Olivia played. They are playing their best volleyball of the season and have grown tremendously as players and as a team in the last five weeks. They are developing their own game plans and executing quite well right now. They were terrific on Saturday. That four-win run to the finals was as well as I have ever seen them play together, and to compete into overtime in the finals shows a lot of growth. I want to see them sustain that level for the remainder of the season."