Coach Holly's Quotes Following Day 1 Of The Tulane Pelican Classic



April 4, 2014


Overall thoughts on the day
"Two wins in one day is great for us. This is the first time we've done that this year. I'm most happy with the way we played, though. We tried to stress results today. At this point in the season, we want to move away from process and get results, and we did that. We also saw some things come out in play that we had been working on this week. It was awesome job by the girls and I'm happy for them."

On the 5-0 win over UAB
"What happened there, again, was our 4 and 5 won in the first session. That takes some pressure off the 1s, 2s and 3s and what that does, like any other athlete, is allows them to play with a little less pressure and lets some of their skills come out. It's always great when our 4s and 5s win. Even in the second match, we split and that takes a lot of the pressure off. Everyone is playing good volleyball right now and we need to make sure we can get better over the course of the next week."

On the Green Wave having two win three three-set matches to defeat Webber International
"I was a little nervous there. The biggest thing that comes out of this is that a couple of weeks ago in Arizona we lost two duals where we don't get results in the third sets. This time, we got all the results in the third set. It seems that we've been able to play a little bit more under pressure, which is something we talked about at the beginning of the year. We were just executing really well down the stretch. The ability to make some plays when the pressure is on is huge for us and I'm proud of the girls for doing that."

On Saturday's pairs tournament
"It's been beautiful today. Hopefully the weather will be beautiful tomorrow. Pairs will run all day long. We'll get even more play than we did today. We'll run a couple of brackets. We'll have everybody playing. It's just a great opportunity with maybe a little less pressure on us to just trust our skills, get a lot of play in and try and get a win in each of the two brackets."